To our furry family

Wildlife Park Malta is offering a unique opportunity for animal lovers who dream of getting closer to  one of our beautiful animals in the Park.  By adopting, you will be supporting  the animal’s wellbeing and by visiting the park, you will learn more about the animal you are adopting.  This programme offers various levels of adoption, including a VIP adoption programme, which gives unique and amazing opportunities for those who have always dreamed to co-own one of our amazing animals.

The animal will remain a resident of the park, but by adopting one, you will have an amazing opportunity to get closer to our furry family. 

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White Tiger
I’m Adon. Nice to meet you. You can definitely see that I’m a unique one. I’m white with blue eyes. Some cats who are walking two feet away say I’m looking like Patrick Swayze (who is he?) I’m a bit lazy, but what can you do at this heat? My hobby is to sleep. This is my way to keep energy, to eat. By the way, I like beef bones a lot, it’s like oysters to you (another tiger told me). Come visit me. I might be sleeping but you still enjoy seeing me!


If you hearing a roar at park, it’s probably, me. Hey guys, I’m Bajlu. I’m a big tiger. But Daddy keeps telling me that I’m still a cub. Well, I’m not! I just love whipped cream and baby formula from a bottle. I don't think it's a crime. If you dreamed about taking a photo with a real tiger, come see me - I’m elegant and very professional and very good looking especially for photos! You can scratch me behind my ears a bit (yes, I’m a biiiig tiger, but still a cat) and we can talk. Unfortunately Maltese and English are still a bit difficult for me to speak so if I say something like “ffffffffrrrrrrrrrr” it means “I’m happy to see you guys! Have a nice day” Did I tell you that I’m very elegant and photogenic? Ffffrrrr to everybody, see you in Wildlife park! - Bajlu


Hi! I'm Benji, the little naughty boy in the park is what my parents like to call me (oops) but I think I’m the cutest of the capuchin monkeys! Sometimes when I’m bored I try to escape my cage, even tho I never managed. Let me tell you a secret, pls don’t tell Chris and Oksana, I know how to open the lock of my home and they never suspect it’s me, I look so innocent! I must say, I love bananas, baby cookies and diamonds on someone’s ring hehe, sneaky me. My owners spoil me and I love them. Come meet me, just don’t come too close because I can’t control my love for jewellery.


I’m Betty, the little princess bear! I love all adventures and I’m always so hyper. In fact, I love when Daddy takes me for walks because I can discover the fields and I can see what’s around me as I can be a bit nosy sometimes and I love knowing what’s happening, ALL THE TIME. Even tho I look a bit big, I love baby formula and cookies, I have a soft spot for them. I love playing and especially with my ball that I don’t let anybody else touch! Even tho I love playing I must admit, I loveee cuddles and when people pet me, I feel so so special and it is one of my hobbies.


Hello, humans. My name is Chanel. I’m not sure if I have to tell you more. I’m elegant, intelligent and beautiful. I like to start my day with makeup and a bath. But sometimes my neighbours can be sooo rude. I like to watch the flying birds and planes and I love listening to the birds singing in the early morning. To keep myself in shape I’m exercising every day. With elegance of course. Please keep it a secret but Oksana bought me a little box which is named by me but smells strange. She said it’s Chanel #19. I like it. Since I’m trying to be in shape I prefer eating chicken and turkey. Sometimes salad and broccoli. Don’t listen to anybody - I’m the pearl of Chris’s park. Come visit me!


Bonjour, people. My name is Elya. As you can see I’m the diamond of wildlife park. Don’t listen to others. The monkeys and panther could say they are the best. But look at me! I’m naturally blonde with blue eyes (no hair colouring!). I love daddy Chris. He is my favourite human. I love lioness Oksana and cub Yulia too, but Daddy is always in my heart. We like to play together and hug a lot. I think daddy is still not sure if I’m going to eat him though... but how can I eat someone I’m in love with? I have to be in shape so I’m on a healthy diet - chicken, broccoli and smoothies (ok it’s a joke, I just love chicken). I’m doing yoga every morning. Would you like to join me? You are very welcome. And remember- I’m the Queen here. Don’t listen to anybody (especially silly Benji boy, he is still a baby)


Yo, people. I’m Massay. I’m not like skinny people who dance and jump but, I’m a king. I’m a lion. A LION. I’m not used to talking much about myself. I’m an Alfa! But. I have my weakness (what a shame). My owner bought a big ball for me and when the park is empty I love playing with it. When you are here, I’m trying hard to keep my majesty. I like to see people in the restaurant, enjoying your time. If you would be so kind - I like pork (yes I know it’s not typical). So if you want me, a lion, to turn into a purring cat, just give me the pork. See you guys. And remember- I’m the KING!

Padi & Yoggie

Hey fellas! We would like to give you a high five, but we’re really busy. Our owner keeps us full time - eating, swimming, playing. He built a pool for us, so now we try to practice for the next bear Olympic Games. Padi is lazy and doesn’t like to swim a lot, so I have to work even harder. Hey, you can come to visit me. I like kisses. All you need to do is put your face close to the glass and you'll get a kiss from me (don’t tell Padi). We really enjoy seeing a lot of visitors, especially kids. Their smiling and kissing us makes us happiest. By the way, if you would like to support the Wildlife Park Olympic team, we like melons, milk and cream a lot. Sometimes Oksana gives us baby formula (don’t tell Chris), so we like it too. Come support us on our workouts and fun games.


It’s good to be the cutest tiger in the park! Yes, I’m talking about me, of course. I’m Tinya, nice to meet you too. If I’m being honest, I don’t know why Mum and Dad need another pet if they have me. I’m the real beauty here. Mum told me that we’re going to have a website and I have to introduce myself. Here I am - A big cat with a heart of tiger! That’s me! Oh wait, I am a tiger! hehehe. I love to meet new friends that walk on their back legs. I especially love their cubs. They always make me smile, especially baby cubs. But sometimes I’m not in a very good mood, especially if I had an argument with my girlfriend Bianca. Oh, have you seen her yet? She is the Apple of my eye... she is so attractive and beautiful that even Adon still dreams about her. But from the bottom of my heart I know - we will be together- me and Bianca. Anyways. I’m the cutest here, come and see for yourself (mum, am I a good boy?) Sorry, now I’m a bit busy, have to do my workout, my girlfriend likes me being in shape. See you soon, people!


Black Leopard
It’s your boy, Zulu the black leopard! I don’t like to brag but let’s be real, I’m the coolest animal here even tho Massay tries to compete with me sometimes.., pfff. I love playing football in the evening when I’m alone and it’s important for me to keep fit, that’s why I love jumping. I’m tough and I love myself, I will need to leave this here as I am expecting a call from the Manchester United Club, with all the practising I do I have obviously become amazing at my sport! Hey kids, one last thing, I advise you to keep doing what you love and you’ll become as amazing and as cool as me. I can’t wait to see you all.